Welcome to Hollis.Org.NZ – the site for the Hollis clan of New Zealand.

We started this site as we aren’t too fond of forcing people to log into Facebook and other sites that sell peoples information for profit.  We wanted to be able to post stuff where it can be seen by all – freedom of information and ideas.


Spam mitigation

Hi. We have been getting hit with more spam recently. Most of it from domains ending in .buzz and .us. By blocking these we remove 95% of the received spam. If you have any clients or suppliers who use domains ending in these extensions please let me know and I’ll white list them. Thanks. Shane […]

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Checking For Swarm Cells

Opened the hive to check for swarm cells – to see if that’s why we had a swarm like moment yesterday. Found some.  

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To Swarm Or Not To Swarm – Or something Else?

My bees are flying in a swirling tornado shape and there are lots of them. My first thought is, ‘It’s a swarm’. By the time I got home they had all crawled back into the hive, with a number ‘bearding’ the outside of the hive. What is this? A swarm or not a swarm or something else? Photos and video attached.

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Worm bins from recycled tyres

Worm bins are a great place to put all your scrap food that you can’t put into your normal compost. A worm bin will handle meat and other food products that you wouldn’t normally have in a green type bin. Worm bins can be as simple as a couple of tyres stacked one on top […]

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Making a raised garden for square metre garden

A simple square foot garden making plan, with information about crop rotation and how densely to plant in the area.

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