Auto Clean

Hi All,
Recently we have seen mail systems going over their quotas. After looking into this we noticed that up to 40% of the mailbox was being taken up by spam or deleted items.
We have implemented an auto-clean feature that has the following rules:
  • Deleted items older than 365 days will be automatically purged – removing them from your quota
  • Spam items older than 30 days will be deleted.
These settings can be over ridden for each mail user. If you want to alter these settings let me know and I’ll send instructions.
All emails received continue to be saved / archived as per requirements for a number of laws / business needs so we can retrieve items if they are not meant to be permanently deleted.
If you have an item you want to keep permanently then I would recommend putting it in a sub folder – not the deleted items / trash folder. Sub folders are not purged or deleted as they are mail you have chosen to keep.
Keeping mail folders smaller will improve your mail performance as well as keep you under quota.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
022 6262 5084