Scheduled Mail Outage

Our hardware provider, Site Host, is physically moving hardware into a new (bigger, better, stronger etc) facility. This means we are going to experience a mail outage for a short period of time (as detailed below).
Normally a maintenance outage only lasts a couple of minutes and no one notices anything but this one is a bit bigger. It is estimated mail will be down for about two hours. However this outage will be in the middle of the night – so hopefully no one will be inconvenienced.
Things you may want to know.
  • This outage is timed for when the least mail is sent and received
  • No mail should be lost.
  • If someone does send you mail while the server is down then they will receive a no mail service message. This is a signal to retry sending the email again in 30, 60, 90 minutes etc etc. Most mail servers will retry for up to 24 hours and so mail should get through.
  • We can arrange a fail over mail server if you wish – this means mail will go to another server, which will then send it to our server when it comes back online. However it will delay all mail for a period of time as it will have to be routed from one server to another.
  • If you have time critical emails arriving during the outage time we can arrange a fail over service.
  • We already run backups but will run an extra backup before this outage – just in case.
Outage Details:
  • Outage Date: Tuesday 17th March 2020
  • Outage Window: 0001 – 0500 NZT
  • Expected Outage Duration per Server: 1 – 2 hours
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Our hope is you wont even notice this outage – but we are letting you know to ensure you are kept uptodate with happenings.
Thanks for your patience with this significant upgrade.