Worm bins from recycled tyres

Worm bins are a great place to put all your scrap food that you can’t put into your normal compost. A worm bin will handle meat and other food products that you wouldn’t normally have in a green type bin.

Worm bins can be as simple as a couple of tyres stacked one on top of each other. We have filled the edges of these tyres with newspaper, and then wet that down which will help make a moisture barrier that allows the worm bin to stay more moist on very hot days. 
The location we chose was warm but semi shaded so not too cold and not too hot, kept away from frosts, but not in the full sun.
We find our worms really enjoy this type of bin. When  one bin is finished or one tyre is full, we just put another tyre on top of it and we are good to go. When we want to get the compost out we just take the bottom tyre off and push the other tyres back down onto the ground. The completely composted material is at the bottom ready for use.